Sithon IX

A revolutionary pillow with innovative and flexible design with three independent layers that work in harmony. They provide adequate support with a soft and luxurious feeling! Built with the same philosophy that we manufacture our mattresses based on multiple layers, one can choose from nine different filling options and flexibility to combine a variety of support and fluffy feeling, in a very practical and easy way. The cushion consists of three different layers:

  1. A solid natural latex sheet (ideal for neck support).
  2. A pillow filled with 5% goose down, 600g.weight.
  3. A pillow filled with 60% goose down, 150g.weight.

All pillow covers are made of 100% cotton and they have a dense weave in order to block feathers from getting out.

39.200 kr.

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SKUsithon ix Vöruflokkur
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